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Video Game Meme / Sceneries [3/7] → Fallout 3

It wasn’t fair. You had to do all the horrible stuff, and I didn’t have to do anyth—”
"That is no reason to lie to me! You think that’s what I want? You of all people!


Being a Huntress requires skill, courage, a sense of duty, dedication and above all else, style.

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That was probably the most badass food fight i’ve ever seen


so this is going to be a thing right?

ressha sentai toQger; station 15

RWBY + RTAH References

underrated power rangers meme
day five → an underrated yellow ranger


cutest dork of them all.


what happened to weiss during the hiatus…

My dad just pulled out the “you don’t really have to do much [insert implied, ‘you lazy ass’ here] so clean your room or I’m going to start getting angry” 

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…there’s more stuff you can do in Skyhold than on Commander Shepard’s ship. … part of playing Inquisitor means decorating Skyhold manually: everything from the windows, throne, banner, and heraldry to the drapes can be swapped in a menu. —from this post guess who’s gonna be spending HOURS customizing skyhold’s drapes? (via spicyshimmy)

Time for Everybody’s Train Corner!!!