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Jordan. 19. Asexual. Cis Lady. She/Her Pronouns.

My blog is a multifandomed mess but you can expect lots of Rooster Teeth, feminism, and some Super Sentai.

If you have any edit requests feel free to send 'em my way.

You should send me a color & a show/character/ship/ect. and I’ll make a gif set

red + gentaro (requested by arustedgundam)

pink + weiss (requested by cinderfell)

purple + yang (requested by carebearkidd)

Fortune favours the brave, dude.

rainbow + yuki (requested by anon)

— Anonymous: air gear // dark red <3

I’m super sorry, lovely anon, but I don’t even know what Air Gear is, so I’m probably not capable of making a gif set for it lol

Ok so I have a really super nice neighbor at these apartments

Super hooray for nice people, like, he’s totally cool, but damn, I’m not equipped for this level of nice. 

yellow + mio/hikari (requested by zarahjoyce)

red + gia/emma (requested by hollowshadowwolf)

red + pyrrha (requested by ramblingredrose)


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

green + kagura/hikari (requested by numbah435spiritsong)

green + carolina (requested by anon)


Can y’all reply with
-your definition of feminism
-your age
-your gender

I need a few more for my women’s studies class

Feminism is a movement that works towards equality, most specifically between genders and sexes, with an emphasis on women. However, it also seeks to improve other forms of oppression, such as racist or ablest systems. 19. Female.